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Problem adding card in payments-module

lckamal - 2 weeks ago

I have cloned payments-module in /preordered folder and then added it on composer as repository like so:

"require": {
"repositories": [

I have also added stripe_gateway-extension like so. Removed square because it has error. then composer update and installed module. while adding card on account Stripe it gives error: CurlException in CurlMulti.php line 359: [curl] 35: Unsupported SSL protocol version [url] https://api.stripe.com/v1/customers screenshot: http://take.ms/1WvQL

ryanthompson - 2 weeks ago

Use anomalylabs instead of preordered there.. if that's not what you already have first ^_^

The error means you need to update the SSL on your machine.

ryanthompson - 2 weeks ago

Something to do with TLS version. I had the same thing I had to update open SSL on my mac manually.

lckamal - 1 week ago

Actually it worked when I run from homestead now. Yes it was due to tls version. I see payments module is using guzzle/guzzle but it gives warning to use guzzlehttp/guzzle Package guzzle/guzzle is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use guzzlehttp/guzzle instead. When will this be addressed?

lckamal - 1 week ago

paypal is also not working

lckamal - 1 week ago

Its showing another issue now after tls/ssl issue is fixed. While adding card it gives such error: Call to a member function gateway() on null - http://take.ms/3tG2j