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Create an Admin theme

adnan - 2 months ago

Hi everyone,

Just finished work on a new Builder template to create a customizable Admin theme based on the offical Pyrocms-theme. There's an animated GIF with instructions of how to use.

The template will scaffold the Admin theme with your own vendor, slug, description and even brand color settings.

Create an Admin theme

For more details, check the project repo, pyrocms-theme template.

Also, to create your own addon template, check template-template project and of-course the Builder project repo.

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback,

Thank you,

jcastillotx - 2 months ago


jacksun101 - 2 months ago

After the installation of the "builder" extension, I can't use "php artisan" anymore. Whatever I do, there will be error like this. Please help.

[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException] Cannot declare class Websemantics\BuilderExtension\Console\MakeAddon because the name is already in use

adnan - 2 months ago

In the project folder run composer update, that should take care of this,

dutch2g - 2 months ago

I get an error installing the builder on a windows10 machine composer require websemantics/builder-extension

[ErrorException] ZipArchive::extractTo(C:\pyrocms/vendor/composer/4d589e26/websemantics-builder-extension-f694a92\resources\stubs\entity\code\Http\Controller\Admin/{{entity_name|str_plural}}Controller.php): failed to open stream: Invalid argument

adnan - 2 months ago

Windows, ouch, I guess either the curly brackets but most probably the pipe character in the filename, I've an idea of how to fix but I'll need to get windows machine, .. can you open an issue, and I'l get that addressed asap,

adnan - 2 months ago

That should be fixed now, .. well, I haven't tested it on windows, but it's a very good guess :)

dutch2g - 2 months ago

Your guess was right, thanks alot.