Addon Configuration


For the OTA features of Composer to work properly you may need to set your PHP binary location in the .env file:



By default the Addons module comes with the following repositories:

To add your own SATIS repository first publish the addon configuration as mentioned below and add your own repositories:

'community' => [
    'url'         => '',
    'name'        => 'Company',
    'title'       => 'Company Addons',
    'description' => 'Company, Inc\'s custom addon collection.',

Configuration Files

The Addons module uses it's repository.php and composer.php config files.

You can override these options by publishing the addon and modifying the resulting configuration file:

php artisan addon:publish anomaly.module.addons

The field type will be published to /resources/{application}/addons/anomaly/addons-module.

The composer.json file is bound to the addon's settings.