The Sites Module makes it easy to manage multiple websites on a single Pyro installation.


The Sites module let's you quickly scaffold multiple applications from a single PyroCMS installation.

  • Plugin and play - no extra setup needed.
  • Disable/enable sites from control panel.
  • Secures install logic behind Artisan interface.
  • Sites install via standard installation procedures.


The Sites module is a paid addon and requires purchasing from the addon store or an active PRO subscription.

Installing with Git

You can install the Sites module with Git if you have an active PRO subscription.

It is discouraged to use Composer for this addon because you should install it within your primary site's addons directory:

cd addons/{application_ref}/anomaly
git clone -b 1.0

Then simply install for your application:

php artisan addon:install anomaly.module.sites
Installing from Store Download

You can install the Sites module by first downloading the addon and placing it within your primary site's addon directory:


Then, installing the addon:

php artisan addon:install anomaly.module.sites


This section will show you how to use the Sites module and deploy multiple sites.

Creating a Site

The Sites module uses a two step process to create multiple sites in your Pyro installation. The first step is to simply create a site through the control panel!

Installing the Site

After creating a site via the control panel you must install it via CLI. To do so run the install command and target your new site by it's application reference:

php artisan install --app=example --ready

You're all set! You can now visit the new site using it's domain and login.