The Streams Module makes it quick and easy to create and manage custom streams and entries in multiple namespaces.


The Streams module let's you harness the power of streams right in your control panel.

  • Manage streams and fields in multiple namespaces.
  • Tables and forms are automatically build for you.
  • Override and bind automated tables and forms for more control.


The Streams module is a paid addon and requires purchasing from the addon store or an active PRO subscription.

Installing from Store Download

You can install the Streams module by downloading the addon and placing it within your site's addon directory:


Next install the addon with the addon:install command:

php artisan addon:install anomaly.module.streams
Installing with PRO Subscription

You can install the Streams module with Composer as a VCS repository if you have a subscription:

     "require": {
        "anomaly/streams-module": "~1.1.0"
    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""


This section will show you how to use the addon via API and in the view layer.


Namespaces separate fields and streams into separate spaces. This means you can have a stream called people in both work and family namespaces.


Fields are available inputs that can be assigned to streams within their namespace.


Streams are data structures within a namespace that can have many fields assigned to them. Streams are represented by database tables.


An assignment is the relationship of a field that is assigned to a stream. The same field can only be assigned to a stream once but may be assigned to any number of streams within the it's namespace.