3.1 User module custom field name validation errors are untranslatable
Created 5 years ago by keevitaja

I created new field for user "terms". My main locale is Estonian. If user registeres and this "terms" hits validation error, it always displays et locale fieldname in validation error message. even if url is site/en/register

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

If you wanna dig in a little bit ahead of time for me that stuff is handled here: https://github.com/anomalylabs/streams-platform/blob/master/src/Ui/Form/FormMessages.php

keevitaja  —  5 years ago

@ryanthompson nope, the make method returns an empty array. And when i force it to do return []; the error messages are still displayed.

Only the fieldname from the users module is not translated:

And it always gives this validation error message:

Other attributes are translated.