adnan - 2 years ago

An MVC framework for Node.js built with Laravel conventions, It has 11,57 stars on Github, ..


Originally found it while looking for ways to have Laravel talk to a Node.js app in an article, then when I check the app repo, the similarities with Laravel is spooky!

Haven't tested it thoroughly as yet, but if it works, wouldn't it be neat to have the Streams-Platform ported over? PyroCMS.js in a way! .. all we need is a PHP2Javascript converter, .. I can get something started if anyone is interested to join?! :)

ryanthompson - 2 years ago

You are a mad man! Been thinking.. I am all in for efforts to move this stuff forward. However unfamiliar it may be to me. Are there PHP2Javascript converters out there already anywhere?

adnan - 2 years ago

There are two that I know of,

Both aren't complete but good starting point,