Build Laravel apps with Node.js!
Created 5 years ago by adnan

An MVC framework for Node.js built with Laravel conventions, It has 11,57 stars on Github, ..


Originally found it while looking for ways to have Laravel talk to a Node.js app in an article, then when I check the app repo, the similarities with Laravel is spooky!

Haven't tested it thoroughly as yet, but if it works, wouldn't it be neat to have the Streams-Platform ported over? PyroCMS.js in a way! .. all we need is a PHP2Javascript converter, .. I can get something started if anyone is interested to join?! 😄

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

You are a mad man! Been thinking.. I am all in for efforts to move this stuff forward. However unfamiliar it may be to me. Are there PHP2Javascript converters out there already anywhere?

adnan  —  5 years ago

There are two that I know of,

Both aren't complete but good starting point,