Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy +1-888-540-7192
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Under Etihad cancellation policy, in 2021 only returned tickets can be canceled - full refund. You will find out from the fare terms on your ticket: can you cancel your ticket, and if so, how much will you be charged for cancellation?

Passengers may be reimbursed in full if canceled within 24 hours of booking, at least 7 days before the scheduled departure. However, once the cancellation is confirmed, the process cannot be reversed. Before canceling, passengers must ensure that their tickets are refunded, unused, or replaced. Tickets must also be purchased with a credit card issued more than 5 days in advance. Passengers cannot cancel the ticket if it is less than 2 hours. If the passenger cancels the ticket within 96 hours of departure, an additional 10% will be charged on the current cancellation fee. The refund amount depends on the fare rules applicable to the ticket at the time of booking. However, Etihad's non-refundable ticket cancellation is not applicable for a refund. All the above points are informative enough for travelers wishing to travel on Etihad Airlines. For the Etihad flight cancellation policy, you are advised to contact the airline customer support team directly to know more about the airline.