Google Account Recovery Date of Birth +1-888-409-1520
Created 4 months ago by kontactforhelp

However, Google Account is the best user account that helps you access some of Google's online services. However, some of its individuals are unable to persist the fact that how to restore a google account by the date of birth. If you're having trouble resetting your account, follow the steps below. Steps to Restore Your Google Account by Date of Birth

  1. Go to the Google Account login webpage.
  2. Enter your Google Account registered email address Click Next.
  3. Click on the link "Forgot your password?"
  4. Click the "Try Another Way" link to continue.
  5. Click on the link where I don't have a phone.
  6. Enter the answer to the security question that you were required to provide at the time of account registration. (If you have a question about 7. your date of birth, please answer it by requesting it).
  7. Enter the Next button to reset your Google Account by date of birth.
  8. Enter the new strong password twice in the required fields.
  9. Click the Save Password button to sign in to your Google Account with the new password. If you are still unable to extend your Google Account recovery date of birth, you should immediately contact one of our technical experts for immediate assistance. Our experts work round the clock to help you resolve any issues you may have.