How to add functionality to an existing entry model (from a vendor package)
Created 5 years ago by pepijn

I had to extend the Users module to add a few fields. Because I didn't want to touch core functionality (or mess around in vendor folders), I instead created a new stream based module, called Profiles. A Profile belongsTo a User (so there's a user_id column on the profiles table)

Now, oftentimes in my code I need to find a profile based on a user_id. I currently created a Facade for this, which contains a function similar to the below:

     * Returns the profile of the given userId
    public function fromUser($userId) {
        return ProfileModel::where('user_id', $userId)->first();

However, using this approach, I cannot use some great laravel concepts, like eager loading. What I really want to do, is augment the UserModel class, and add the following relationship:

// Anomaly\UsersModule\User\UserModel.php
public function profile() {
    return $this->hasOne(ProfileModel::class, 'user_id', 'id');

How can I do this without touching the core package ?

huglester  —  5 years ago


I think you can add a $singleton in the 'config/streams.php', file. Which would override the : Anomaly\UsersModule\User\UserModel like so: 'singletons' => [ '\Anomaly\UsersModule\User\UserModel' => '\App\Extensions\User\UserModel', ],

Later \App\Extensions\User\UserModel' should extend '\Anomaly\UsersModule\User\UserModel', and add those missing methods there. it SHOULD work I think.

have a good luck 😄

pepijn  —  5 years ago

@hughlester Sounds plausible ! Will try that out today!

Edit: tried it out, but to no avail. :/