How to cancel British Airways Flight?
Created 1 month ago by reservationbuy

Itineraries may change occasionally. But there's no need to worry about compensation because of British Airways' cancellation policy. The refund process can be completed without additional fees. Politics could mean that. The following steps are required to cancel British Airways flights:

  1. Browse the official British Airways website or download the British Airways app from the Play Store
  2. If you log in frequently then log in to your account or directly Manage my instructions Provide reservation number Click on the last name of the guide.
  3. Now View Booking Details Click on Cancellation Link
  4. Check Details, Check Cancellation Fee Carefully (If Available) Click on Continue.
  5. Then check a registered mobile number or confirmation email
  6. If you have not received a cancellation update, please contact British Airways customer support.
  7. Lastly, you need to fill in the indemnity form to submit the claim.