How to Cancel Ryanair flight 44-808-196-4416
Created 4 months ago by kontactforhelp

In modern times, our work has become easier with the use of technology. Ryanair offers so much comfort to its passengers by offering three different ways to cancel Ryanair flight tickets. Follow the easy steps given below to cancel your tickets

  1. open a web browser
  2. Search
  3. Go to Manage My Accounts
  4. Click on View All Bookings
  5. Search for the flight you want to cancel
  6. Click Manage My Bookings
  7. scroll to the bottom of the page
  8. Click on the cancel booking option
  9. Briefly read the contract page
  10. Click continue
  11. Verify Your Identity
  12. Submit your health certificate
  13. Review your favorites
  14. Calculate refund amount
  15. give priority If you still have any questions about the Ryanair cancellation policy, you may contact the Ryanair flight cancellation team for appropriate support to resolve all inquiries.