I need to develop brand new website...
Created 4 years ago by nucleus

Hi I am working as in house developer. Our existing site in in Pyro with Codegniter with Foundation 6. Which was developed by previous agency. Now i need to do another brand new site there will be case studey, blog news etc. So CMS will be ideal. My marketing team suggesting to use WordPress. I like to Learn larval so I would like to do In pyro. How can i sell my self with Pyro rather then WP. Hope to get some advice from you soon. Kind regards,

piterden  —  4 years ago

Out of the box:

  • The DDD approach
  • Models, mutable from the admin panel
  • Code generators
  • Clean code, separated MVC, comments (no one line of a shitcode)
  • All features of Laravel and even much more
  • Generated DB tables have only indexed joins, which work fast like F1 car
  • Strict naming conventions
  • Very high abilities to extend and/or override almost any part of the system

There are less than a half of advantages above.

Of course, there is one disadvantage: it's the learning curve. But the community is always ready to help you. ;)

ryanthompson  —  4 years ago

This can really be a tough one to sell people depending on what's important and driving the decision.

Wordpress, chances are you can just plug in stuff that fits the bill and borrow a theme and be done. But as a developer who's had to work on WP sites or customize them - it's an absolute nightmare.

Pyro on the other hand gives you a ton of power and flexibility as well as a very nice off-the-shelf feature set and impressive first party addons on top of that via PRO.

Pyro focuses on making it easy and fast to build something that fits like a glove and is custom - as fast as possible and within an architecture that makes it easy to maintain going forward. So Pyro generates a lot of code for you and has a great API to manage and display the data you need for your website or application.

But at the end of the day it depends on what the deciding factors are. More times than not - WP sympathizers are after something super cheap and super fast which they can pick up off the shelf and put their name on it. But then they don't have to maintain it either 😄