Turkish Airlines Cancellation +1-800-364-9405
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If a passenger who has booked a ticket with a Turkish airline wishes to cancel his/her ticket, it will be in accordance with the airline's cancellation policy. Cancellation is based on the refund policy. If for any reason it becomes necessary to cancel the ticket, the cancellation conditions are as follows. The Cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines is as follows.

Turkish Airlines cancellation within 24 hours

In accordance with the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, a passenger booking with Turkish Airlines may cancel the reservation for a day on which Turkish Airlines does not pay the cancellation fee. This rule is in line with Turkish Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy, which allows passengers to cancel their bookings without penalty within the first 24 hours after purchase. This rule means that all the amount will be refunded to the passengers regardless of the type of ticket. It should be noted that the minimum flight week (seven days) for a flight must be 24 hours. If a passenger makes a mistake while booking with Turkish Airlines, he can cancel and pay for the appropriate re-registration.