About insert image in markdown field type.
Created 4 years ago by oimken

I want to use Markdown instead of ACE editor, but it is really not easy to insert a image in Pyrocms' markdown field type, because images in files module is not showing their url.


  • Is there any markdown js plugins to make the markdown insert the image just like the AceEditor (click the insert image button and show the files browser to select the image)?

  • I try to override the core/anomaly/markdown-field_type/resources/views/input.twig to add a custom insert image function, and I already add 'anomaly.field_type.markdown::input' => 'my.theme.test::overrides/markdown_input', in my theme service provider, but it seems not working....

Any help will be very appreciate, Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.
oimken  —  4 years ago

.....I know why the override Not work.............

Is because it a back-end theme? so I could not override it in my front-end theme service provider. Then´╝îhow to override the admin theme? Do I must make my own admin theme to override it ?

Ok, I got it in the Doc.

php artisan addon:publish anomaly.field_type.markdown

Now I try to add my own image insert button ...

oimken  —  4 years ago

Done. Make a new markdown field type to fits my need. https://github.com/oimken/simplemde-field_type