Behaviour between (variables module) files-field_type & (pages module) relationship-field_type
Created 5 years ago by thinkgraphical

I wanted to give my client the ability to choose which the many header images available, was visible on any specific page.

So what I've done is in the variables module:

  • Created a files-field_type in the variables module named 'header_images'.
  • Assigned it to a variable group named 'header'.
  • Uploaded some images.

In the pages module:

  • Created relationship-field_type named 'header_image' and tried to hook the 'header_images' files-field_type.

Here's where the issue starts... I can only select the group 'header'. You would expect to be able to select the underlaying variables and not the group, no?

If you then could select the 'header_images' variable, I would expect to see a dropdown with thumbnails of the images available.

Or should you go about this differently? And am i seeing this wrong? I think this would be it should be used, no?

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago Best Answer

The variables are fields in a group stream. I would use a folder in files and just use a file relationship in pages. I don't see a need for variables here.