Abiraterone Acetate: An Antineoplastic, Antiandrogen Medication
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Abiraterone acetate belongs to a class of medications named Antineoplastics, Antiandrogen. This agent is aimed to treat the symptoms of Prostate Cancer. It may be used alone or with other medicines. The abiraterone acetate dosage strength comes as 500 mg film-coated tablets, 250 mg film-coated tablets, and 250 mg uncoated tablets. Patients receiving abiraterone acetate should also receive a GnRH analog concurrently or should have had bilateral orchiectomy. Abiraterone acetate tablets must be taken as a single dose once a day on an empty stomach. It is not advised to eat food 2 hours prior to and 1 hour following taking Abiraterone dosage. The pills of Abiraterone must be swallowed whole through the water. Strictly avoid crushing or chewing the tablets.