All you need to know about CISSP Certification: A Guide
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The certification of CISSP is a premier and recognized certification in the world of cybersecurity or information security. This course is brought to you by (ISC)2 (read squared). (ISC)2 stands for International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. They have designed the course CISSP which stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. (ISC)2 is a non-profit organization and provides digital security and training and certification.

This certification was introduced way back in 1994 and has seen tremendous innovation since then. It is the most required security certification by LinkedIn.

It is the first to meet the rigorous conditions required by ISO/IEC Standard. This certification is being used by many countries worldwide.

If you are interested in getting a quick guide for CISSP certification training then it is incredible. In this post, we are going to guide you through the finer details of the certification and hope that helps you.

What is the best CISSP study guide?

There are quite a few study guides that are available. Some of them are listed below:

CISSP Official Study Guide

This is the official study guide from ISC squared and is one of the best study guides. It incorporates all the concepts that you may require to clear the exam. The 9th edition is the latest one and it contains the best examples and real-world experience. It contains good advice based on that.

CISSP Official Practice Tests

The third edition is the best one as far as practice tests are concerned. It has hundreds of unique test papers that can help you prepare well for the exam.

CISSP for Dummies

The 6th edition is the latest one and it has quite a friendly way to explain the concepts. It is highly accessible and explains the concepts in a lucid fashion.

The official CISSP Study apps

There are apps officially launched by ISC squared that can give you the freedom of studying from anywhere anytime. It contains content in the form of flashcards, study materials, and of course practice test papers. There are online study groups that are available. You can join them if you like and solve your problems by getting help from the study groups.