AOL Account Recovery Information
Created 1 month ago by davidmilan

All of the online platforms that play an important role to communicate online are secured with a username and password. However sometimes because we are so much active on the social media apps that we often end up forgetting the password of email accounts like AOL. And just in case you have forgotten the password of AOL Account then here is how you can recover it and use normally again. Mediums to recover AOL account password To find more about AOL account recovery ways, read the following points for your reference.

  1. To get back the access to the AOL account misplaced password or the username, first of all go to the sign in page and then tap on the option of lost password.
  2. After this the page will gradually shift to the account recovery page and here first of all enter your username.
  3. As you enter the username, now move to the options that you wish to choose in order to recover the lost password.
  4. If you choose the option of alternative email then you will get access to one recovery code on and then enter it in the blank box and then reset one new password. You can re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done.
  5. Also if you choose the option of recovery phone number then the code will be sent on the text and as you enter the code then you can easily recover the lost password by entering a new one.
  6. However, if you choose to answer the security questions then first of all read the questions that you have set on your own and then enter the password to confirm the recovery password. And henceforth, using the above given methods anyone can easily do the AOL Account Recovery. In case of any doubt or to find more about the account security, you can contact the customer care team of the AOL. The AOL support team will help you with the doubts and you can fix them anytime you want to.