Can I avail AARP discounts with American Airlines?
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AARP is an organization that makes sure that people over the age of 50 years are getting enough facilities and comfort. They are the biggest non-profit organization in America. Their main objective is to look after the old citizens of the nation. No doubt, till now they have been doing a fantastic job.

American airline is surely one of the best airlines. There are many reasons for the success of American Airlines. It is comfort, safety, punctuality, and even entertainment. However, on top of everything, it the customer-centric approach they have towards the customers. They have been making sure that customers get all the facilities, they are looking for, because the money which an individual invests, is the hard-earned of that person, and American Airlines respects that. In case you want to travel by American Airlines, then you might want to know, does American Airlines give AARP discounts? In that case, you just need to go through the below-mentioned information.

Senior citizen discounts by American Airlines:

American Airlines, do offer the discount to the citizens of the age of 65 years or more. However, all these senior citizens discounts are only available for some international routes. You would just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to avail your senior citizen discount:

Open the official website of American Airlines.

Use the “advanced search” option to search for the flight.

Fill your flight requirement.

You would just click on the drop-down menu in the section of “Passengers” section.

Now you just need to tap on the “Senior (65+)” button and then you will be able to get the discount that is available for senior citizens on that flight. I hope by following the above-mentioned steps your query got sorted out. So, next time, if you’ll have any queries regarding American Airlines reservations for senior citizens