Google Account Recovery
Created 3 months ago by krisslee

How to recover any Google account quickly? As seen above, the steps we have mentioned are for the case used when you remember your old Google account. But now we will see the more complex case where you also forget your old Gmail account id. So sit back and follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Click on the Google account recovery URL.
  2. Now click on the "I forgot my email" option.
  3. On the next screen, you must enter the recovery email ID or mobile phone number associated with that account.
  4. We will first put in our recovery email address.
  5. On the next screen, it will ask for the first and last name associated with that deleted account (at least remember this :-p)
  6. Click "Next" and enter the verification code sent to your recovery email address.
  7. Go to the Gmail account you provided as your recovery email id, get the code as shown below
  8. Now enter the code on the recovery page and click "Next"
  9. Now you can see all Google accounts that have your Gmail recovery account like the one you entered. Find the Gmail account that you want to restore.
  10. If the deleted account is not listed, click the "Use another account" option at the bottom.
  11. Enter the recovery email or mobile phone number again to obtain the code and repeat the same steps above. How to recover the Google account on your mobile? The steps will also be the same on any mobile platform. So follow the steps below on your mobile:
  12. Open the Gmail application on your mobile (touch the application)
  13. Now touch the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  14. Now tap on the profile icon to see all signed Google accounts on the device (if any)
  15. Now tap on the "Add account" option at the bottom.
  16. You may now be asked about the email option, select Google from the list
  17. Now finally you can see the login page, you will be asked to enter the old Google account address here.
  18. If you don't remember the Gmail ID, you can also enter your mobile phone number (associated with that Google account)
  19. There is also a "Forgotten Email" option at the bottom. (once you tap on it, it will ask for the recovery email id or mobile phone number as seen in the previous section)
  20. Here we assume you remember the old Google address, enter the Gmail id correctly and click "Next"
  21. Enter the password carefully (again there is a "Forgot Password" option, once you tap it, again you need to provide the recovery mobile phone number or email id)
  22. Once you enter the password, tap "Next"
  23. Finally, you will see some terms and the agreement page, just touch the option "I agree"
  24. Voila !! that's it, now you can access everything related to the Google account just started on your mobile. How to recover a forgotten Google account without any recovery mobile or email address? Now consider a situation where you do not have your recovery mobile phone number and email address on hand. So is it the end of the world for you? Not really . We have several other ways to get your forgotten Google account back. Let's see them all one by one here:
  25. Once you go to the account recovery page, enter the old Gmail account address in the space provided. (you can even enter the option "I forgot my email")
  26. Then, on the next screen, click on the option "I forgot my password"
  27. Now click on the option "Try another way" (provide the last password that you do not remember exactly)
  28. Click the "I don't have my phone number" option again (as long as you don't remember your mobile phone number).
  29. Now click on the "Try another way" option again (as long as you don't even have the recovery email address).
  30. Click the "Try Another Way" option again, then you will be prompted to enter an alternate Gmail ID to get some verification requests from Google. Click "Next", verify the email address by entering the correct code that you received in your entered email account. Then finally after verification you will see this screen It will usually take some time to verify your identity. Just relax and wait some time. Now the next method is about inputting your first and last name. To do this, go to your Gmail application and follow the steps below:
  31. Open the Gmail application on your desktop / mobile device, then click on the profile icon
  32. Click on the "Add another account" option.
  33. Then click "Use another account".
  34. Now click on "I forgot my email".
  35. Enter the phone number you may remember
  36. Enter the first and last name, then click "Next"
  37. You can now see all the Gmail accounts associated with that number. Hope you really liked the steps given above to get back your old deleted Google account without any problem. Stay tuned for more cool stuff in this series.