Google Sign In Error
Created 3 months ago by krisslee

Fill in your personal information Launch the Google Chrome browser on your PC. Login to your Gmail account through the browser. Once you are logged in, click on the profile picture in the upper right corner of the browser. Click on the Google Account button. Next, choose the Personal Information and Privacy section. Alternatively, you can also visit this link to view the Personal Information and Privacy section. Scroll down and fill in all the necessary details on the Personal Information tab. Once you have completed all the necessary details, launch the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad. Log into your Chrome app and check if the problem persists. As mentioned above, the 206 login error does not occur on Android devices as the devices are usually linked to your Google accounts. However, this is not the case for iOS devices and it can result in this error. Disable 2-Step Verification Open a web browser on your computer and log into your Gmail account. Click on the profile picture. Select the Google Account button. On the next tab, open the Login and security section. Scroll down to the Sign in to Google section. Click 2-Step Verification. Sign in with your Google account credentials if prompted. Click the Disable button in the 2-Step Verification section to disable 2FA. Once you have disabled two-step verification for your Google account, launch the Chrome browser app on your iPad or iPhone and check if the error is resolved. Two-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google account. Make sure to enable it again after resolving the error on your iOS device. Delete and re-add the Google profile On your iOS device, open Settings. Next, tap on your Account. Tap on profit on your account on the next screen. Find and tap the Remove account button. This will delete your account associated with all Google apps on your iOS device. Once you've signed out, tap Sign in. Enter your Google account credentials and log into your account. Touch Import existing data to import data from your Google account. Touch Continue to continue. Launch the Chrome browser on your device and check if the error is resolved. Users have reported that removing and re-adding the Google account has resolved the error. It could be due to an error resulting in the pop-up of login error 206 in Google Chrome. Temporary account disconnection may help with the problem. Reinstall Google Chrome Chrome Login Error 206 Look for the Google Chrome app in the Applications menu. Long press the app. Tap the Remove app icon. Choose Remove apps and then tap Remove to confirm the action. Once the app is removed, launch the app store and install Google Chrome. Launch the app and check the improvements. Reinstalling the Chrome app can fix any issues caused by an app bug or an outdated version of the app. Uninstall the app and see if that solves the error. Google Chrome Login Error 206 usually occurs due to Google account and security issues. To correct the error, try disabling 2-step authentication, add the Google account again, or reinstall the app. Let us know what you did to correct the error in the comments.