How can I get hold of British Airways?
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One of the most common questions we get is, How can I get hold of British Airways? Customers are trying to hold the British flight ticket. Here are some tips to help you get in touch with the airline. One universal piece of information is that if you are traveling from an airport where the airline is operating, you can always contact the help desk in the terminal.

Here is How do I speak to a person at British Airways

If you want to hold your reservation, you can contact the customer service or can follow the below steps:

Visit the British Airline website, select the flight and choose to hold on to the review page.

Visit my trip section to pay the amount of your flight or refer to the confirmation email address.

And then your reservation will automatically be held.


Try to call them when the service starts and before they close.

If you face any network problems and are being hung up, again and again, don’t select an option; just wait.

.You can use only general numbers, but be aware of any charges.

Try calling on another English-speaking country such as the US. Again be wary of the charges. The cash account is best for these types of calls. You will find all the relevant contact information.

Having a Twitter account can also be very useful to get through the airline, even if you never use it for anything else. You will need to follow them and have them follow you in return by tweeting them and tagging them. Remember that do not provide any detail until they send you any direct message.

For further information, How can I get hold of British Airways? Contact the British Airways customer service.