How do I Contact Google to Restore my account?
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Google has a service that commenced in the late 90s and has been serving its help since then. It has high security and allows you to use the method of recovering the account when it is disabled or locked. Those users who wish to restore their account need to know why it has been locked.

Reasons For Your Disabled Google Account

  1. You must have violated the rules of Google for using the account and made it temporarily or permanently down.
  2. Use the account to accomplish your goal of spamming other users or engaging in illegal activities.
  3. Try logging in to your account and obtain the correct details as to why your account is not working.
  4. Usage of your account to exploit any child or spread sexual content also disable it and put that in abeyance.
  5. Using the services of Google to spread Malware, Phishing or terrorist content is one of the prime reasons.

How To Contact Google to Restore Disabled Account?

Restoring the account is an easy process as it only includes a little effort to request for that. For taking back the possession of your account, Contact Google To Restore My Account. Here, the best way to employ the request form that is available online. Use the following steps to restore that account.

  1. Login to your account by entering your username and password in the required web field.
  2. Select the option Try To Restore that is available just below the account restoration process.
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields in which you should provide your account details including username.
  4. Based on the reason for your disabled account, give your answer as to why you should get it and attach a file to it.
  5. Click the submit button and your account will be restored after Google service reviews your request.

Apart from that, you could also connect with Google service on call to request account restoration. Use that by employing Google Account Recovery and dialing it to get yourself connected to the support team. Talk to the Google live person and request to restore your account.