How do i get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?
Created 4 months ago by kristenbell

Facebook has various features, which allows you to exhibit your creativity and talent on this platform. On this platform, you can share your posts in a written format through pictures or videos.

However, there are times when you face problems with your account, and you need to report that problem to Facebook so that your activity does not get affected. Therefore, if you are contemplating how do i get in touch with facebook to report a problem, then kindly follow the steps as mentioned below-

Via Phone Support-

Kindly go to the Facebook website from a web browser of your choice on a device that you trust.

Log in to your account with the username and password associated with your Facebook account.

Once you are successfully logged in, kindly navigate to the top right corner of the page where the menu option is displayed and click on it.

There you get an option called Help and Community Standards, and then you need to click on it.

Subsequently, you land on the Contact us page of Facebook.

There you find several ways to contact the customer service of Facebook.

Select the Phone Support option and click on it.

As you do so, you find a list of Hotline numbers displayed on your screen and the services associated with it.

Kindly select the one which matches your requirements.

Dial that number on your phone.

Once connected, wait for the automated voice assist in giving out the various menu options.

Now, kindly select the one which matches your requirements.

Once selected; eventually, you are connected to a representative from Facebook.

Convey your issue to him/ her in an audible voice. Then wait for a minute or two.

Now the representative reverts with the resolution to your issue/ problem.

If convinced, disconnect the call; if not, escalate the call to a senior executive.