How do I get my Google account back?
Created 1 month ago by onlinetechhelp

In case you forgot your google account id and password then you just have to follow the steps that are listed below and you will be able to recover your google account back again. In this topic, we will cover how I can recover my google account.

Steps to Recover Google account:

  1. Open the Gmail account page.
  2. Enter the email id if you remember and if you don't then click on the option " Forgot email id".
  3. You will be taken to a new web page.
  4. Over there enter your details that are asked.
  5. A mail will be sent to the phone number or on the mail that you had registered while making your Gmail id.
  6. Then after that click on the link that had been sent to you either on your phone number or Gmail.
  7. Select a strong email and password and enter the details that are required.
  8. An OTP will come for the confirmation of the new mail id on the registered phone number or the recovery email.
  9. Then follow the instructions that appear on the web page.
  10. Then your mail is ready to be used.

In case if you can't sign in for some other reason then follow the Google account recovery page. Click on the recovery email option and it will provide you with some instructions that you will have to follow in order to sign in to your Gmail account. If still there is a problem with Google account recovery then you can create a new Gmail account. I hope the above information helps you in recovering your Gmail account.