How do I reach Hotmail?
Created 4 months ago by onlinetechhelp

Hotmail helps you to preserve your mails safely on the computer. But if you face some issue with your Hotmail account, you feel the need to contact the customer support at Hotmail.

If you are thinking about how do I reach Hotmail, you can follow the steps given in this article. You can learn the ways to contact the customer service of Hotmail.

Steps to contact the Hotmail customer support

You need to get to the official website of Microsoft. Click on the Support option given at the side of the page, You will see the list of products from Microsoft, where you have to pick Hotmail. You can also choose Hotmail from the Product menu at the top. Now you need to sign in to your account to see the contact numbers. Once you see the number, you can call it and then follow the OC prompts. You need to press 6 at the end to get in touch with the Hotmail. If you cannot contact Hotmail from the above steps, you can look for the customer support number on the search engine. This is beneficial for you if you don’t have access to sign in to your Microsoft Hotmail account.

You can also take help from the FAQs given on the support page of Hotmail. You can send feedback to Hotmail customer service if unable to reach them on call. You need to keep in mind that you may need to wait for your turn to speak to the live support. In such cases, you can take help from the Community pages at Hotmail.