How do I speak to a live person at TurboTax
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There are several ways through which one can connect through live - person at Turbo - Tax. A few ways are mentioned below .

Via customer Service - One can easily connect through turbo tax live representative , one has to dial therte number afterwards the automated system will revert you .The live representative will be available 24x7 to assist you and providing services to its customers . The IVR will provide you with the following guidelines and one has to follow .

How do I speak to a live person at TurboTax

Step 1- For Turbo tax support press 1 .

Step 2- For Quick books press 2 .

Step 3- For payroll press 3 .

Step 4- To select the country you wish to choose

Press 5 - For Refund .

Press 9- Speak to a representative .

By following the above written process one can easily connect through Turbo tax customer service and get a quick resolution to their problems .

2 .) Via Chat .

One can get in touch with Turbo tax representatives through and get a quick assistance to its customers with ready solutions .There are different ways through one can Speak to a live - person at Turbo - Tax .

Steps Through which one can get connected through a representative via Chat .

Step1 - In order to contact turbo tax via chat one needs to visit the turbo tax support page , firstly fill in the form and press the continue blue button .

Step2 - Once you sign -in Do select an option of select ‘’Contact at the top of your screen and do get in touch with the experts and get a quick resolution of your problems .

Step 3- One has to log -in or sign into the turbo tax account from any device to view or in order to print all of your completed turbo tax returns from our secure servers for any assistance .

The above mentioned pointers are guidelines through which you will get connected through Turbo - Tax Customer Service .