How do you become a full-stack web developer?
Created 4 months ago by careerera

It can take several years to learn how to become a full-stack web developer. In order to become a full-stack web developer, an individual has to learn many prerequisites. One can learn them on their own or they can get a Full Stack developer certification. Only after completing the study of that prerequisite knowledge can an individual even start to learn the basics of full-stack web development. Without learning all of that prerequisite knowledge the learner will not be able to comprehend and understand the topics of full-stack web development properly. But with our Full Stack developer certification online the learner can learn all the different aspects and the nitty-gritty of full-stack web development in as little as 12 months. Careerera’s PGP in full-stack web development or Full Stack developer training has been designed in such a way that the learner can progress from being a beginner in full-stack web development to being an advanced expert in the field in a matter of 12 months. Let us take a look at what the learner will have to learn with regards to prerequisite knowledge in order to become a full-stack web developer -

  1. HTML/CSS - HTML is a protocol that governs most of the internet. The learner should know how to use the HTML protocol thoroughly. They should also know how to add styles to web pages using CSS.
  2. Javascript - Javascript is the most popular language for web development including both front-end and back-end development.
  3. Git and Github - Git is a very popular and powerful tool for managing the codebase of a software development project. Github is a sleek and feature-packed online interface for the Git tool.
  4. Backend languages - The learner should know at least 2 of the following programming languages – PHP, Python, Ruby, Java. These are taught in the Full Stack developer training Online.
  5. HTTP and REST - HTTP and REST are two popular protocols for managing data transfers over the internet.