How I can make 1-inch margins on Google Docs?
Created 2 weeks ago by warnerwatson

Google docs; a facility offered by Google allows users a scope to attain access to documents of varied types. The users have easy accessibility to varied things that would allow them to draft and create easy documents. You can create resumes, C.V.s, projects, and other documents. The formats offered by Google Docs are easy to comprehend and you could create anything.

Now if you are working with Doc and would like to create a document with a 1-INCH margin then you have to have a clear understanding of the things that would allow you to create documents with the specified margin.

For instance, if you would like to Change Margins In Google Docs, you could refer to the steps mentioned down under:

Open a document in Google docs.

Click on the ‘File’ option.

Next, select the ‘Page Setup’ option

Here, you need to provide the measurement for top, left, right, and bottom margins, through the ‘Margins section’.

Click on the ‘ok' option to save the changes.

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