How long do Air France refunds take?
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Know how long does Air France takes to process a refund against a canceled booking

Have you canceled your Air France reservations and wondering how much will it take to process a refund from the airline? In general, refund processing doesn't take much time. But, to help travelers, here are some details to manage refunds for Air France bookings.

Duration of Air France to process a refund

For the travelers looking for details on how much time Air France takes to process a refund? As per the general guidelines, once the refund request is submitted, the traveler can get a refund within 24 hours. However, the refund duration might differ depending on the payment option. So, one can confirm the duration by contacting the airline directly.

How to request a refund for Air France?

Are you looking for the details on How do I get a refund from Air France? Here are the steps that one can follow to submit the refund request online. If required, the traveler can even reach out to the airline customer service for assistance.

To request a refund online, the traveler needs to visit the airline's website. Now, click on the My bookings tab and wait until the new page gets displayed. Here, the traveler can mention the booking number and last name present on the itinerary. After that, the traveler can retrieve the booking and continue. Further, the traveler can request a refund for the booking.

Hopefully, this information would help travelers process a refund quickly.

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