How to Cancel a Flight on Air India?
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Don't know the ways to cancel a flight on Air India? Acquire the awareness

Air India allows cancelling a flight ticket online and offline mode in a significant manner. It has a specific flight booking service that makes you active to change and cancel your flight ticket online with ease. If you are looking for assistance to cancel a flight ticket online when you aren't able to travel at the determined date and time. Learn the steps on how to cancel a flight on Air India, which assists you to cancel a flight on Air India with ease.

It is true that you can cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours before the flight scheduled departure and send a refund request instantly. If you want to clear your doubt to cancel a flight, go through the guide now.

  1. At first, launch an internet browser and visit the booking website and access your account using proper credentials.
  2. Go to the manage booking tab and enter the reservations number, and the last name of the passenger, and choose a flight.
  3. Click on the cancellation tab and press the continue to tab to confirm the cancellation and get a message of cancellation on your phone at the end.

Thus, you can simply learn how to cancel a flight on Air India and get a refund to go for the next booking in the future with the help of the customer representative team anytime.