How to get in touch with Air France?
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Air France is one of those premium airlines in the world which offers a unique flying experience to its passengers. The majority of them are either delighted or incredibly overwhelmed by their in-flight rendezvous with Air France.

But due to some unforeseen circumstances, sometimes a situation may arise that your flight is canceled unexpectedly and you are left sulking at your home. One can imagine how horrid you must feel.

In such a scenario, you must be wondering How do i get in touch with Air France. Therefore all you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below-

Via Phone- Go to the official website of Air France

Locate the Help and Contacts section down below at the bottom of the page

You select the Contact us tab under the above-mentioned column.

A new page opens where you get a plethora of options to choose from.

Select the option of Call Us.

Once you do that, a new page opens, subsequently giving you a list of numbers corresponding to the country/ region in which you reside.

Dial the number of your country/region from your phone, preferably from the one which you have registered on the website of Air France.

When you call from your registered mobile number, you do not need to go through the lengthy process of verifying yourself or your details.

Once you are on the line, wait for the IVR to exhaust all the options and at last, you select the option of connecting to a customer service associate of Air France.

In the end, you need to convey your issue to the airline customer service associate.

Wait for a while, till he reverts with an on-the-spot resolution.

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