How to recover Google account with date of birth
Created 1 month ago by davidmilan

If you have a Google account, then you can access the various online products and leverage them. Google provides a user-friendly interface through which creating the account is easy and the best part is that it is completely safe. However, due to many activities, the user may lose access to the account. The most common issue is forgetting the password, and without this, the person may not be able to open the account. If you are looking for a method of recovery, then you can easily go with Google Account Recovery Date of Birth. We have covered the steps below, you can go through them. Steps To Recover Google Account With Date Of Birth Google offers the best way to recover the account. Users can perform various ways through which the recovery process becomes easy. Though, here if you are not able to perform recovery with another method but remember the date of birth, then you can do this.

  1. Go to the login page of the Google account
  2. Now, provide the ID and click on the Forget Password
  3. Next, you can move to the recovery process. Here you can see the different methods of recovery, now you have to click on the NEXT until you reach to the option of the Account recovery with Date of Birth
  4. Now, here you have to mention the date of birth and make sure you have mentioned one that you have put while creating the account
  5. Click on the next option and get the quick link for the recovery
  6. In this way, you have to mention the new password and confirm it. Here you can see how you can learn about how to set up password too You can see how easy Google Account Recovery Date of Birth is. You can even connect with the support team for further queries or assistance. There are different ways that you can select and connect directly with them and get quick support.