How to Recover Suspended Google Account
Created 4 months ago by kristenbell

In order to recover a suspended Google account, users are required to follow the steps that are mentioned down under:

First and foremost, users are required to sign in to the google admin console. For this users are required to use an administrator account. You are not supposed to use your current account for this purpose.

Once you have reached the admin console homepage, users then are required to select the option that reads Users.

You are required to look in the user's list for this. And then select the Find a user account.

Next, users are required to select the user name to open their accounts. You will be redirected to yet another page, where you will be able to find the reason for the suspension of your Google account.

On this page, users will be able to see the Reactivate option on the top left corner of the page.

Hit the reactivate option and this way you will be able to reactivate your suspended Google account.

Confirm the Reactivate option and you are done.

These are the steps that one needs to follow in order to reactivate a suspended Google account.

There are other ways available too. For instance, if users are met with certain complications then in that case, they may also stick to getting help from the help community at Google.

Getting in touch with customer support professionals is one of the best ways to deal with a suspended Google account.

In order to reach the customer service department at Google, users may stick to the below-mentioned ways:

Drop an email

Users may draft and drop an email on the customer service email address which is available on the official support page at Google.

Connect through the official support page

Visit the official support page community and there you will find a lot of options for recovering your suspended Google account.

I hope this helps with How to recover a suspended Google account. For details navigate to the official support community at Google