How To Reset iCloud Password Without Phone?
Created 3 months ago by warnerwatson

Have you lost access to your iCloud account? And can’t remember the phone number linked to it? Well, this could be quite frustrating but worry not as Apple offers you a couple of methods to recover your iCloud account. Here’s how.

Steps To Recover iCloud Password Without Phone Number

· Visit the Apple’s recovery page in your web browser, then mention the username of your account, and then select Continue.

· Next, choose an account recovery option such as phone number or recovery mail or by a security question.

· Choose either the phone number or security question for your account recovery. However, if you choose an email address, then you’ll get the recovery link on the recovery email inbox.

· Therefore, click on the recovery link and then follow the onscreen instructions to enter a new password for your Apple ID or iCloud account.

Still, wondering How do reset my iCloud password without my phone? Well, contact the live experts on Apple and get better assistance from them.

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