Palbociclib 125 mg Tablet: An Orally Bioavailable Small-Molecule Inhibitor of CDK4 and CDK6
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Palbociclib 125 mg is approved to treat hormone receptor (HR)-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) -Ve locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer along with an aromatase inhibitor. The palbociclib 125 mg tablet is used along with fulvestrant in females who have previously received an endocrine therapy. In recipients of pre-or perimenopausal, the endocrine therapy needs to be combined with an LHRH agonist. The standard dose of palbociclib is 125 mg once daily for 21 consecutive days followed by 7 days off therapy in order to comprise a full cycle of 28 days. The therapy with Palbociclib should be continued as long as the patient is deriving clinical benefit or until unacceptable toxicity occurs. Get a quote for the best quality Palbociclib 125 mg, please connect with us today through our TOLL-FREE Number: 1800-889-1064.