Precautions and Warnings of Carfilzomib
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The medicine Carfilzomib is sold under the brand name Kyprolis. It is a Proteasome Inhibitor. The proteasome is a system within the cells that breaks down proteins when damaged or no longer required. The carfilzomib injection destroys cancer cells by preventing the breakdown of proteins in cancer cells, which are more likely to contain more abnormal proteins. Carfilzomib is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma patients who have had at least one previous treatment for this disease. One should thoroughly read the warnings and precautions of Carfilzomib before administering medicine to the patient; the following are the warnings and precautions: Cardiac toxicity, acute renal failure, tumor lysis syndrome, pulmonary toxicity, dyspnea, hepatic toxicity and failure, embryo-fetal toxicity, etc.