Preparation Strategies For UPSC Exam
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Are you about to prepare for the UPSC exam? So many questions might come across to your mind. You must be searching what is UPSC exam, How to prepare for it? What are the Preparation strategies for the UPSC exam and so many queries?

Well, Here you will get quick and easy step-by-step preparation tips for the UPSC exam. Let discuss some points below-

Top-notch Tips to Prepare For The UPSC Exam

Have a detailed knowledge about the exam Your foundation has to be strong Go through the correct books to upgrade yourself Revise and practice by writing answers Sit for mock tests Strategy According to Different Subjects Polity and governance

Recently, the UPSC prelims have put more emphasis on the governmental schemes and policies of India. You can expect a good number of questions to come from here.

Life science, general science, science and technology

If you follow a few year's question papers, you will notice questions from this part that mainly check out the candidate's understanding of scientific problems. For life science, your primary area of focus should be zoology.

Economic and social development

If you analyze previous years' question papers, you will find that questions come from public finance, banking, agricultural production, fiscal policy, etc.

Geography and environment

When it comes to studying geography, you have to clearly understand the locations and focus on related other geographical concepts.

History and culture

Here, history is divided into ancient and modern history. The period that you need to study modern history extends from 1857 to 1947. In ancient history, thoroughly go through all the ages such as the Mauryan age, Gupta age, Vedic age, and the like.

Current affairs

For any exam under the civil service format, much emphasis is put on current affairs. Although it has a vast syllabus to complete, if you study strategically, it is manageable. Main Source: