Recover My Google Account
Created 3 months ago by krisslee

The best way to recover Google account is when a phone number is lost by entering the recovery email. The recovery email is an alternative email, which can be used to view the account details if you are unable to login, the reset link to reset the password goes to this email address so that you can create a new password and log in and once you do. Then, from the option to update the phone number or change the phone number, you can change the number to be able to use the account with the current number. You can contact the Google support network either via email or phone number this way, they will direct you with the Google account recovery procedure. You can follow the onscreen instructions to reset your Google account email or password. This is a faster and more effective way to recover the account. They would confirm certain basic details over the phone, such as the answer to your security question, or the date of birth, the registered contact number and the email id, the last password you remember, this is a good way to recover the account. The other option is the self help videos available on for the person to retrieve the email. In the Google account, once you have an email id, there will be a question: send OTP over the phone, you can click that option and an IVR will help you reset your Google account and recover it safely. Recover a deleted Google account The best and easiest way to get back an old Google account is to go to the login page, click on the forgotten email address, enter the linked phone number, and click next if it is. particular email address is linked to the phone number. will send an OTP to the registered contact, this way you can log into the Gmail account by changing the password. Please note that the OTP will give you access to the forgotten email account. In this way, you will complete the Google Gmail account recovery process. Recover Google Gmail account password via SMS: For Google Account Password Recovery Mobile, please make sure to log into the Gmail account and click the Forgot password option, enter the email for which the password needs to be recovered, once enter the email, click Next. This allows you to click the option to receive OTP by SMS or call, select the option to receive OTP by SMS once you click this option, the OTP to reset password will be sent or the link to reset password will be sent in the mobile number registered through an SMS. Any account problem Use Google Account Recovery There are several advantages of having a Google account, first and foremost, a Google account is the easiest way to communicate with business clients or personal friends. To stay connected with your loved ones once, too, this account is workable as you stay connected with your loved ones on also mainly through a Gmail account, the other email accounts used are less numerous. Today, Google account recovery is very important because you can use Google account and access to make secure payments at your convenience through Google Pay directly from your bank accounts, this prevents fraud and threats and you can make as many cashless transactions as you like. You can lock a calendar, save documents in Google units, create forms through Google forms to capture surveys, in this way, Google accounts are the best email facilitators for business and personal use. Google account is the most convenient and effective way of communication, many times due to various reasons, you may not be able to log in; in that case, you have to search for Google account recovery, for example. You have forgotten your password, the email address or phone number linked to it was lost, or the link sent to reset your password has expired. Google offers a wide range of online guides for users to solve their queries. Each device has different ways to create and recover my Google account, users can choose easy and convenient ways to set up Google account.