What happens when I report a problem on Facebook?
Created 5 months ago by kristenbell

Facebook is a social media service that believes in offering a safe environment to its users. And this is a reason why it has created guidelines that ensures that the users don't encounter any issues while accessing the Facebook services.

However, users who find content that is not appropriate, false, or misleading can report the same and manage their content accordingly. Still, many users have a query on What happens when I report a problem on Facebook? They can go through the details shared below.

How do I speak to a live person at Facebook?

When the user reports something on Facebook, the team reviews the request and removes the same when the content does not meet the community standards. Besides, the personal info and name of the user are kept confidential. Also, reporting something on Facebook does not ensure that particular content will get removed. How to report something on Facebook? For the users who wish to report something on Facebook and have no clue about the process, they can follow the instructions shared below or contact the Facebook live person. Begin the process by visiting a profile you wish to report. Click on the three dots present at the bottom of the cover picture. Now, click on the give feedback or report profile option. After that, the user can follow the on-screen instructions and click on the Send button. And for the users who wish to report a post can follow these steps: The user needs to click on the three dots present in the top corner of the post. Then, the user can click on the Give feedback to the post option and continue. After that, select a reason for reporting the post and click on Send.

Once the request is submitted, the user will get the required assistance to manage the content they are viewing