What is the process to someone at Hotmail
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Hotmail account is just like Outlook that is a personal information manager web app, which is developed & powered by Microsoft. With the use of a Hotmail account user not only uses email services over it, but also user can have access to contacts, calendaring, webmail, & also task services. But because of some technical fault or by any server issue the user might get interruptions while using his/her Hotmail account. In this scenario user look for the option how can i speak to someone about my hotmail account, so that with simple & easy steps the issues & doubts get solved. So, for that user have the option to contact the customer care service team, with the help of few methods. Like the methods that are mentioned below as pointer s to get customer support team from Hotmail; •        Via phone: this option of calling has been available to the customer 24/7 round the clock & has been used mostly in cases when customer lost their access to their Hotmail account. Now in case you want to speak with someone using an automated call, then you just need to visit the website & from contact us get the helpline number & dial it, then follow the instructions like; o        Press 1: for selecting the language o        Press 2: then to select the queries on which you want solutions o        Press 3: to continue o        Press 4: to speak to someone about my Hotmail account simply. •        Via Chat: if you need help over another medium like chat other than, calling then live chat support is too available at Hotmail, you just visit the website page & you can move to the support section, there you will easily find the option of chat support, there you will chat with the representative regarding your Hotmail account & you will be provided with the links by the executive for help.

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