Why is my Yahoo mail not working on my iPhone?
Created 3 months ago by davidmilan

A Quick Guide To Fix Yahoo Mail Issues On Your iPhone Have you been facing trouble with your Yahoo mail account on iPhone device? Well, this could happen due to various reasons, and worry not as these issues are usually resolvable on your own. Therefore, if you are also frustrated with your Yahoo mail problems, then read this guide further and get better info. Common Causes For Yahoo Mail Issues On iPhone The following are the common reasons that might cause your yahoo mail not working on iphone. · Outdated iOS · App caches issues · Yahoo app needs to be reset or updated. · Server issues · Yahoo mail IMAP or SMTP problems · Yahoo mail app problems · Other issues Moreover, read further to learn about the top quick methods to fix the Yahoo issues on iPhone device. Quick Options To Fix Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone, Update the App In case, if you haven’t updated your Yahoo mail app, then it is time to do it. Simply navigate to the App Store, then select your Yahoo App and update it to its latest version. Hereafter, login to your Yahoo mail account and then see if it works properly. Try Using Your Yahoo Account Outside The App

  1. In your PC or iPhone web browser, open the Yahoo user account login page.
  2. Now, login to your Yahoo mail account, then compose a new email, and then add your own address in the "To" field.
  3. Send the email and then see if you receive it within the next 5 minutes. Remove And Re-Add Your Yahoo Mail Account Another way to fix the Yahoo mail issues is to remove your account from the iOS mail settings, or uninstall the Yahoo App. Hereafter, you’ll need to re-add the Yahoo mail in your iPhone device, and then again login to your account to see if it works. Moreover, you can also check your internet connection to see if it works properly with your iPhone device. However, if still your yahoo mail not working on iphone, then kindly reach out to the tech experts on Yahoo and get further help.