buinguyentuong - 2 years ago

In Module Page part Content. I have insert File but it show alert "page not found" . Please Help me Config .

ryanthompson - 2 years ago

What's the 404 URL in your browser's debug console?

buinguyentuong - 2 years ago

theme.js:4 GET http://localhost/streams/wysiwyg-field_type/index?mode=file&folders%5B%5D= 404 (Not Found)

ryanthompson - 2 years ago

Are you running under your localhost? Or in a parent directory or what is your public URL for, say, the home page? Might be an issue with the path prefix not being included in JS constants. Typically sites use a dev host / domain. foobar.local for example.

mooger35 - 2 years ago

I'm getting the same error.

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://localhost/streams/wysiwyg-field_type/index?mode=image&folders%5B%5D="

A quick file search shows no streams folder with the wysiwyg-field_type folder. The only locations I can find the wysiwyg-field_type folder are:

  • /public/app/default/assets/core/anomaly
  • /core/anomaly

root for this site is http://localhost/pyrocms3/

I have updated the /config/app.php file to have that as the "Application URL"