Multiform Builder, retrieving & editing all items in a hasMany relationship?
Created 4 years ago by rickm

I've seen a few references around that make me believe this is possible, but I'm struggling to find any documentation or other information on how it's supposed to work.

The situation is that I have a fairly simple Order > Order Items structure (i.e 1 order, many items). So in the original streams I've set up, on the order_items table I have an order field type of relationship - that works fine. But now I need to have a frontend based form where you can view and edit an order, along with the data in each order item line.

The problem is I can't seem to be able to retrieve any sort of form for each order item, let alone save it. The only examples I've found was a forum post that seemed to not be followed up on, and the multiform docs here, which don't really explain how you'd do this:

For reference my structure is:

  • ORDERS (id, order_no, customer_name, order_date)
  • ORDER ITEMS (id, order_id, item_name, unit_price, quantity, line_total)

Is this even possible or should I look at another way of doing this?


rickm  —  3 years ago