Can I get a refund if United changes my flight?
Created 3 months ago by zoeystan

Are travelers offered a refund after the United Airlines flight change?

Have you recently confirmed reservations with United Airlines, and you get notified that your flight has changed? Well, then you don't need to worry as there are provisions of the airline that are in the best interest of the travelers. 

Refund provisions when United flights are changed

When the flight schedule is changed, United Airlines tries its best to reduce the disruption. And in case, if the airline fails to offer alternative United Airlines booking, then one can request a refund. However, the traveler needs to fulfill the following conditions: 

  • The departure and arrival times are changed remarkably.
  • When the airline fails to accommodate travelers in the same cabin purchased. 

If the traveler meets the following conditions, United Airlines can offer a refund in full or for the fare difference. However, if the traveler has queries regarding the same, they can contact the airline representative for assistance. 

Contacting United Airlines to claim a refund for changed flights

For travelers who have queries regarding changed flight refund for their United Airlines booking, they can contact United Airlines by following the process discussed below.

  • Contact United Airlines by dialing the toll-free number of the customer service. 
  • Then, select an option to connect to the airline representative.
  • Further, the traveler can provide details regarding their reservations. 
  • After that, the airline representative will verify the details of the booking. 
  • And then, if the reservation is found eligible, the traveler will be offered a refund against that booking. 

Thus, this is the complete information on refund for changed United Airlines flight ticket.