Delta airlines refund policy due to covid
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This was the same time of the year when in the month of Feb and March, Covid 19 pandemic broke out and nearly all the countries went under total lockdown. And when Lockdown happened, airlines had to suspend all the flights and Delta Airlines is also one of those. But now a lot of airlines are back to the grind and more than half of the flight services have resumed. And just in case you want to check the revised reservation policies of the Delta Air, then tap below.

Will Delta give me a refund

When Delta Airlines suspended all its flights then everyone canceled their flight reservations or it automatically got canceled. And all the flights that were scheduled after March 2020 to the end of the year were refunded fully. The passengers whose flights got suspended continue to receive the full flight credit and the flights booked before 17h April 2020 can still claim their refund. Moreover if you have already received the flight refund, then you can even re-book your flight without any type of hidden charges. Contacting the customer care team

If you have more queries related to the Delta Airlines refund policy then you can contact the customer care team. Ping or simply call them and they will give the updated information related to your bookings.