Domain based localization in PyroCMS
Created 4 years ago by keevitaja

I wrote a short tutorial on how to enable domain based locales in pyrocms

ryanthompson  —  4 years ago

Nice article!

There's been a prototype feature (undocumented cause it's not super well tested) where you can assign domains locale keys in the "core_domains" table. Feel free to test it out and I can document those. But this is a pretty sturdy way of doing things as well! I love seeing people extend the system that's built to extend 😄

Good work!

keevitaja  —  4 years ago

There is no core_domains table. But i found following tables:

  • applications_domains
  • applications

Adding locale to applications_domains has no effect:

| id | application_id | domain      | locale |
| 2  | 1              | | ru     |