How can you recover a Hotmail account?
Created 3 months ago by kristenbell

Forgetting your login credentials is a common problem. However, the account services offer features to recover your account. If you are a Hotmail user, you can easily recover your account by contacting Hotmail customer service for how can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?. The Hotmail customer support will help in your account recovery with ease. Read ahead to know the steps to recover your account. How to recover your Hotmail account? Recovering the Hotmail account is not a difficult task. Hotmail provides the account recovery options through which you can easily retrieve your account. Since Hotmail is now Microsoft Outlook, follow the steps suggested by Microsoft for account recovery. Below are the straightforward steps to recover your Hotmail account:

Visit the Microsoft website and head to its Account Recovery Page.

If you remember any of your login credentials like username, email address, or phone number, enter it.

Now, enter any email address (other than your account), which Microsoft will access to reach you.

A captcha code will appear on the screen. Enter it to prove that you are a human.

Now, click on the Next button. A new window will pop up.

You need to verify the contact email address. You will get a mail to the contact email address with a unique security code.

Enter the code and click on the Verify button.

Tap on the Submit button.

Microsoft will verify all your entered information and reach you within 24 hours.

Therefore, if you wonder How do I recover my Hotmail account, here is the answer. With these simple steps, you can recover your Hotmail account with ease. If you still face any trouble, you are free to contact Microsoft customer support. Recover Hotmail account