Paypal change password without security questions
Created 5 months ago by kristenbell

The users' PayPal account has always provided the best services by endowing them with the platform to perform financial transactions. But, you can create a problem for yourself if you forget the password of your account. In this case, you can opt for changing the password of your account. In case you don't remember the answers to the questions, let us see the process with the help of a recovery email and phone number. We are mentioning the process below for your understanding.

The process of recovering the PayPal password without the security questions:

The process of changing the password of a PayPal account starts by opening the account and going to the login page. Then, you will have to click on the tab "Having trouble logging in." Now, you will have to enter the email address that is registered with the PayPal account. Once you have entered it, click on Next. You will see two options; email and phone. You are free to choose anyone out of those. You can either call on the phone number, or you can receive the email. As you do not remember the security questions, you can access your account by these two options. You will now get the verification code on the phone number or email address based on your chosen option. You will have to enter the code, and then you will go to the password reset page. This is the process of PayPal change password. You can come in contact with the customer care executives to seek their help. They will provide you with detailed information about the process of changing the password of your PayPal account.